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July 08 2008

Interpol were amazing! I got to the barrier without being a douche and they sounded so so good. I love going to gigs.

May 23 2008

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I missed WTF Wednesday but a Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo is far too brilliant not to post. New Pownce Official Outfit?

May 20 2008

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Tunes Tuesday - Plan B & Kila Kella - Bizzness Woman
I've seen Kila Kella live and he was just amazing.
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Groovy Dancing Girl is back! Smiles all round.

May 19 2008

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Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars
I heart this song, part of my bedroom rave.

Should have time for a little Pownce now that exams are over.

May 12 2008

Some songs are very very long,
This one isn't.

April 24 2008

The new Hadouken! album is really rather good. You should all get your girl's skinny fit jeans on and check it out.

P.S. I don't own any skinny jeans for the record.

April 21 2008

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MUSE and Music Monday, boosh.

Also the Music Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDDCieKfrvY
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Eddie Izzard + Cake + Death? + Lego = . . .
Eddie Izzard is so so very funny, who would think to recreate his his mimes with lego?
Jonathan Coulton wins the award for the most original Baby Got Back Cover.

garfield minus garfield

Silly bear trap.

April 20 2008

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Emo pig isn't as good as spider pig but what is?

garfield minus garfield

It's the reason I want a top hat.

April 19 2008

Is there a way to sort your Google Reader feeds alphabetically? Mine is split into two sections that are both sorted alphabetically so my list goes A B C . . . X Y Z A B C . . . X Y Z.
I heart MUSE so much. Even to the point of using MUSE instead of Muse as much as possible as it's more correct. I also know it looks kind of ugly without the extra lines. On 5th November 2001 after seeing a dandy Origin of Symmetry hoody I discovered the Best Band Ever (in my opinion)! Matt Bellamy could gay me. Any of my fellow Powncers MUSE fans?

P.S. Is it me or does posting little messages like this make you look about 12? The grammar, vocabulary and sentence strucure above is all icky.

April 18 2008

An old soul ... on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Foto Friday!
Are you meant to post stuff you shot yourself?
Does putting a ! before someone's name do anything as I've seen it used a lot lately.

April 16 2008

I have two invites for SocialThing if anyone wants them.
I love that I can finally keep up with all my Pownce friends via RSS, so much easier than being spammed to death every day.

April 04 2008

Good Morning All!
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